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I started The Bureau as a creative hub to honour my father, Ken, and his photographic legacy. As I archived his work, going through both seen and unseen photographs and stories from his endless adventures around the world, I realised so much more could be done with what he left behind. I wanted to find a way for others to pick up where he left off and, in doing so, introduce a new audience to the world of analogue.


Now, at The Bureau, we found our own way to continue supporting analogue photography and honouring Ken's lifelong dedication to this art. Through our projects and collaborations, which bring together photographers and artists from all walks of life, we bring analogue into the contemporary art world in new and exciting forms. From oil on canvas, to animation and NFTs, we strive to find ways for the past to collide with the present.

To put it simply:  we are analogue photography, reimagined.  

Ruby Griffiths



Rosey Mills

Social Media Manager

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Ruby Griffiths

Founder & Director

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Camilla Ilardo Costa

Camilla Ilardo Costa

Project Manager

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Although we do not have any vacancies for specific positions at the moment, we are always open to new exciting creatives looking to share their talent. If think you are one of them and would like to join us for an internship or a work experience send us an email explaining how you think you could contribute to The Bureau and attach your CV.