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Ken Griffiths x Great Guns Social

Resident Exhibition
96 Southwark Bridge Road
SE1 0EF, London
Wednesday - Saturday
4pm till 11pm

Ken Griffiths Panhandle exhibition 2022

In 1987, Ken was working on a GUESS fashion advertising campaign during which he disappeared to document the real heart of Texas. One photograph he shot would grab the attention of Paul Marciano, co-founder of GUESS, leading to the commissioning of a book about Cowboy culture titled 'The Panhandle," featuring Ken's images.   

The book takes you through the small picturesque town of Clarendon, Texas. Ken truly captured the heart of this place, much of which had been unseen and undocumented.

We teamed up with Great Guns Social and took over the loveliest pub room (with access to a sunny outdoor terrace) to showcase a selection of vintage prints from Ken Griffiths' Texas Panhandle collection. These include a few rare images that Ken printed and framed before his death. 

We invite you to come and view the works, which will be up until mid 2023. Don't forget your cowboy hats!


Can't make the exhibition? Don't worry, we made this for you!

Take a virtual tour to see the works in an immersive gallery space.

Panhandle VT


Ken Griffiths & Great Guns Social

In partership with

Great Guns Social and Ken Griffiths exhibition
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