Lovers In Ruins
NFTs by ZaZu

Working with a series of Ken Griffiths' rare and iconic black & white fashion images from 1985, featuring the late celebrity photographer Corrine Day, ZaZu has created a series of works titled 'Lovers in Ruins'. 


Her vision tells the story of two runaway lovers caught in an ever-changing universe. Their romance taking place in between glitching worlds. In this lovers' world, the multicoloured present and monochrome past become one.

"When I was given these classic black & white photographs I knew it was a perfect canvas to tell a story. I wanted to bring out the emotions that Ken was able to capture between these two human beings. 


The street art and alternative universe came to me because it was as if their surroundings were abandoned and it was only them in existence. A couple on a journey together, the only ones left behind, on the run from something that we cannot see. To me they became two lovers amongst the ruins of a lost world."


There is always a piece of ZaZu in every work she creates, look closely and you may find her.



ZaZu was born in New York City from the union of her mother, a makeup artist for rockstars and her father a 2nd generation cinematographer.


Her creations include photography, digital art, digital collage & painting.


She discovered photography as a teenager when her father, Cary Fisher gave her a  camera without expectations. She recalled that the only thing her father ever taught her was how to make French Crepes and flip them in a pan with one hand.


She didn’t have many friends and used the time secluded in her room to discover a talent inside her. She began taking self-portraits disguised as a Hollywood movie star to escape from her troubled life at home. Her grandfather, cinematographer Gerry Fisher could not believe her brilliant work. He told her he didn’t know where she got her talent from with a wink. 

She has referred to her life experiences as a movie and it’s only just begun.