20th Century Music Legends
NFTs by Remo



Ken Griffiths Bureau has joined forces with multidisciplinary artist Remo Camerota to generate striking NFT revisitations of legendary analogue photographs of ten of the greatest music legends of all time. 


The original pictures, shot by renowned photographers Ken Griffiths and Bruce Fleming, portray some of the most recognisable faces of the past century. They will be given new life in Remo’s NFT artworks, bridging the gap between art and the crypto world while reimagining their place in contemporary pop culture.

This drop uses Ken’s portraits of rock giants such as Keith Richards, John lee Hooker, Sting, Elvis Costello, as well as images from analogue photographer Bruce Fleming, who rose to fame in the 60s for his portraits of the greatest musicians of the time, from Jimi Hendrix to The Beatles.

Remo works across crypto-art, animation, graffiti as well as sound and film. His process begins with the deconstruction of the “pop idea” inspired by the subject of the portrait. His work transports the audience into the future while honouring the link with the past.

Purple haze
Jimi Hendrix

Boom boom
John Lee Hooker

The warlus
The Beatles

Sympathy for the devil

Keith Richards



Remo is a crypto-native with several exhibits at Carousel Du Louvre and named one of 200 best creatives by Lürzer’s Archive magazine 2021. He has been successful in becoming a sought after name by some of the largest NFT collectors and have worked within the crypto art space for the last two years. Some of his works include drops for Dont Buy Meme.


He also created the celebrated Crypto Bots marketplace on Opensea, soon to become a 10k project and have Collections on Artblocks, Foundation, Viv3, Portion , Rariable and many others. He was the first onboard artist to the patronage NFT site, Minty.art and he works with non-profit groups creating NFTs for social good. His drop on Artblocks was a code-based project, a first in many aspects, that has been chosen to feature at this year’s Art Basel and sold out 512 editions within 30 min. He also created the first-ever live charity concert in Decentraland and made history when we had the largest attended event in the Metaverse, April 2021. 

Remo with partner DCsan created the first NFTs that communicate and unlock another, in a puzzle-based style game made for the Anthony Hopkins movie Zero Contact. Also a Hollywood first, made the case that you can distribute a movie through NFTs. These were a collection of 11 puzzle code NFTs with one being the main key to the puzzle. The main key was collected by Mondoir ( one of the most respected collectors in the NFT space ) and sold for 20 eth. The whole collection made over 150k and is now a case study on how to raise funds for the movie industry.