Ken Griffiths Bureau' is a creative hub set up in honour of Ken Griffiths, a world-renowned documentary and portrait film photographer. His images featured celebrities like John Lee Hooker, Keith Richards, Her Royal Highness Princess Margaret, Sting, Kiera Knightly and Lucian Freud, and have been featured in the most established magazines, such as Vogue and Condè Nast, to name only a few. 


What started with the objective of reviving these historical images Ken took using his wooden and brass plated Gandolfi camera, first made in the 1800s, and watched it develop into something much more forward-thinking. We aim to bring old film photographers and their works back into the contemporary world and showcase them in a digital world. 


We are a new kind of agency, run by Ruby Griffiths, Ken's daughter, and a team of young creatives who work tirelessly to achieve our goals. Through Limited Edition releases of Ken's work and many other film photographers, with incredible artists collaborating. 

Welcome to The NFT Bureau, where you will find fine digital art at its very best. Watch this space for all our latest "drop" releases. 



From a series using Ken Griffiths' rare and iconic black and white fashion images from the '80s, featuring the late celebrity photographer Corinne Day. Artist ZaZu has created this drop, titled 'Lovers in Ruins.' Her vision tells the story of two runaway lovers caught in an ever-changing universe. Their romance taking place in between glitching worlds, where the multicoloured present and monochrome past become one. There is always a piece of ZaZu in every work she creates, look closely and you may find her.

This NFT drop captures the essence of Ken Griffiths and Bruce Fleming’s iconic film photography and the subjects within, images unearthed for the first time in years have come to life in a way that has never been seen before. Remo, through his signature bold style, creates exploding compositions that take the viewers from the past era straight into the 21st century NFT world.