The Ken Griffiths Bureau Photography Award is an annual competition which celebrates the wonders of the world and the people on it through the eyes, or more appropriately the lenses, of its incredibly talented participants.

Open to all levels of expertise and to all applicants around the globe, the award was created to support outstanding talents, with the participation of a panel of renowned judges from the field of photography, publishing, and art.

The winners will be celebrated with prizes and their works showcased in an exclusive exhibition in London taking place in Spring 2022, to which all contestants will be invited. A selection of the works will also be displayed in The Bureau Gallery located in Frome, Somerset.

The Prizes

  • The winners will receive a physical award and laurels in recognition of their success.

  • All winners’s work will be put on the Bureau Gallery website in a dedicated section.

  • A selection of works, chosen from the winners’, will have the chance to be put up for sale in The Bureau Gallery in Frome, Somerset.

  • The Analogue winner of the year -- chosen from all the analogue submissions -- will also be rewarded with a Ken Griffiths embossed print, accompanied with an authenticity certificate.

  • All runners up will get awarded with a digital award certificate and laurels.

The Exhibition

  • All winning pictures will be showcased and awards presented during an exclusive exhibition in London. Due to the current COVID-19 health crisis, we decided to allow six more months before the submissions are finalised and the event takes place. Therefore, instead of November 2021 the event will take place in Spring 2022. Submissions will remain open until then. The official deadline will be released by the end of 2021.

  • An online video exhibition of all winning works will also be created.