Earth Day

Four prints celebrating the beauty of our planet

On Earth Day 2021, we are releasing four beautiful photographs taken by Ken worldwide. We hope these will inspire people to live in harmony with nature and work for a greener future by reminding us every day of the wonders of our planet through his images.


Ken loved our planet and spent his life trying to capture its dynamic beauty. He travelled to the most remote places documenting the land and telling stories of its people. Some places were challenging to get to, but he was never afraid to take risks to get the perfect shot. With his wooden plate camera in tow, he would climb treacherous terrains.


16 x 20 inches

Open edition

£ 200


20 x 24 inches

Open Edition

£ 250

Price excludes shipping and framing (optional).

This is an open edition in two sizes of four shots he took during his travels.

1. Indian Himalayas - Jammu & Kashmir, India

2. Grand Canyon - Colorado River, USA

3. Patagonian Desert - Chubut, Argentina

4. Namib Desert - Namibia

We aim to remember every day, and not only on Earth Day, to appreciate and respect our planet.