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The Dossers by Ken Griffiths 1989


Between 1989 and 1992, Ken took a series of pictures entitled Dossers, of homeless people in Lincoln’s Inn Fields and under Waterloo Bridge, London. The pictures were first published in The Independent Magazine and then exhibited at The Slaughterhouse Gallery in London. In 2018, the Association of Photographers celebrated their 50th year anniversary presenting a collection of images that define 50 years of the AOP; Julie, from The Dossers series, was included in their AOP50 exhibition.

Ken Griffiths Dossers Julie Association of Photographers

They’re mostly nice to Ken. Ken Griffiths has been coming here for years to this small square park just east of Covent Garden in central London. The men in the Fields seem to trust him and like him, and they know he is from a different tradition of photography to the young men who steal images and are liable to get chased away in a hail of empty Tennant’s Super lager cans. Ken Griffiths is not a photographer-thief; he is a photographer-showman, a photographer-magician.


Ian Parker, Faces In The Fields.

The Independent Magazine, 24th October 1992  

Dossers & Ken Griffiths
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