Corinne Day

The Negatives Edition

The edition is formed of 5 prints, each available in a limited number of 50 small, 25 large and 5 collector, portraying a young Corinne Day, before she became a world-renowned fashion and lifestyle photographer. 

These images were taken in the 1980’s, while Corinne was in Clarendon, Texas, modelling for an iconic advertising campaign for GUESS?.

'The Negatives Edition' celebrates Ken's exclusive use of film. A unique series that features the black rim of the negatives around the photographs.⁠

Each print will come with a certificate of authenticity signed by Ruby Griffiths, Ken's daughter and estate representative. They will be numbered on the front and embossed with Ken's Signature. These will be placed on a small white border around the print, not displayed in the examples above.


16 x 20 inches

Edition of 50

Price starts at £ 550


20 x 24 inches

Edition of 25

Price starts at £ 850​


30 x 40 inches

Edition of 5

Price starts at £ 1,750

Silver Gelatine Hand Print from the original negatives (black rim visible, as in pictures).

Price excludes shipping and framing (optional).

"Last Picture Show" won a Gold Clio Advertising Award in 1987


GUESS? Creative Director: Paul Marciano

Production Company: Great Guns

Executive Producer: Laura Gregory

Director: Roger Lunn

Cinematographer: David Griffiths

Camera Operator: Mike Proudfoot

Editor: Peter Beston

Composer: Geoff MacCormack, Simon Goldenberg



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