Ken Griffiths Bureau' is a photography and art foundation set up in honour of the famous film photographer Ken Griffiths, a world-renowned documentary and portrait photographer. His images ranged from celebrities like John Lee Hooker, Keith Richards, Her Royal Highness Princess Margaret, Sting, Kiera Knightly, Bob Geldof and Lucian Freud, to name only a few. 


What started as a project to revive these historical images Ken took on his wooden and brass plated Gandolfi camera, first made in the 1800s, has grown into something much bigger. We have many projects that bring old film photographers and their works back into this time, which could easily be lost and showcase them in a digital world. 


We are a new kind of agency, run by Ken's daughter Ruby Griffiths and a team of young creatives who work tirelessly to do this. Through Limited Edition releases of Ken's work and many other film photographers, either alone or with incredible artists collaborating. 


Welcome to 'The NFT Bureau', where you will find fine digital art at its very best. Watch this space for all our latest "drop" releases. 




For our first series, The Bureau has joined forces with the multidisciplinary artist Remo Camerota (ARTWORK ABOVE), who has a background in advertising, visual art, film, TV, design, photography, illustration, sound, animation, and interactive experiential media, making him an archetypal modern-day artiste who embraces cutting edge techniques and expresses them in a compelling visual style. As an artist, he wishes to explore and fuse art in all its forms using the latest cutting-edge technologies, in a way totally unique to his vision. 

Since 1990, when he started working as a contemporary visual artists, his work has reflected a growth in art fused with technology, include projects such as a collaboration with renowned robotic artist Stelarc, and putting cameras inside the human body to show no differences between genders and race which called ‘Blender,’ creating a surveillance system within a gallery where you spy on yourself, titled ‘Peep Hole’ and working with early VR and Holographic techniques as well as creating the first Graffiti QR code in the early 2000s. He is also the author of two best-selling books and graphic novels.

"21st Century Icons" is an NFT collaboration between The Bureau and Remo using a series of Ken's iconic images, including celebrities and those who are less well known. Remo's vision has been to bring Ken's images into this century with great respect and honour. He will be restoring them to life and hand drawing elements into the works, ready for a new 21st century audience. Merging these masterful vintage pictures with Remo's incredible illustrative style is an artistic concoction that will get anyone excited. &

Our next drop is a collaboration with emerging Texas based artist Zazu who works in photography, painting, digital, animation and collage. A third-generation artist & photographer with dreams as starry as the night sky. Growing up in Los Angeles, she started working with photography creating self-portraits as the Hollywood Stars. But, the fairytale she was told existed would disappear in a cloud of smoke when an evil monster would try to kill her spirit. 
Off Zazu would go, hiding from the world. Her life stolen for many years, and her creativity dampened, but not anymore. This is her revival project. Working with a series of Ken’s rare and classic black and white fashion images from 1985, Zazu has created the second ever drop for The NFT Bureau. Titled “Lovers in Ruins,” her vision tells a story of two lovers in a different universe from the monochrome one that they originally arose. 
Her animations are planetary pop art, and within each image, many details tell the story of a universe where things are falling apart and two lovers are on the run. A couple living between dimensions, mixed in-between worlds that are merging, the future and the past becoming one. The art she creates often portraying the chaos she has felt herself. 
Keep your eyes open, too, because there is always a piece of Zazu in every work she creates, hidden you will find her. Her art shares her tales with you, her name is Zazu, and she lives hopefully ever after.